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International Institute of Organizational Behavior was created to train and prepare trainers and facilitators in talent management so that they can accompany organizations, working through the people, to reach The Zone of Genius. Our training programs meet high quality standards that guarantee a unique experience of high value for all our students. We accompany people and organizations in talent recruitment, development and loyalty.

We have a clear commitment to the quality and efficiency of our programs, ensuring that our trainers and collaborating partners are perfectly trained to develop and accompany students to meet their expectations and training needs.

At the same time, we follow up to ensure that the students rigorously comply with the standards when providing the tools learned in our Institute.

Our Values


Humanity: People first. We adapt all our programs so that our students live a tremendously experiential and, above all, human training experience.

Quality: All our programs are designed in detail to meet the needs and expectations of our most demanding and rigorous students.

Innovation:  Our programs are constantly growing and updating, and is at the forefront of innovation, permanently updating and enriching by new research studies on human behavior and people management.

Technology. Our programs are accompanied by the most avant-garde and efficient technological tools. In this sense, we count on the technology of our partner THT – The Talent System to support all our training and certifications.

Passion. To create unique training experiences, we need the passion and charisma of our teachers. They all love their work and that love is transferred to each and every one of our courses.


Do you want to get certified and accompany organizations and individuals to reach their Zone of Genius?