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Practitioner in the Method of Colors based on DISC

In this Training Course in the Method of Colors based on DISC you will learn the Application of this powerful tool in talent management, leadership, human capital and professional development.

Method of Colors

You will become an expert in this revolutionary and powerful tool.

Report Interpretation

Through DISC, you will become an expert in the analysis of human behavior

DISC applied

You will learn how to apply the methodology in HR, coaching and leadership.

What will you learn in the Method of Colors Course based on the Internationally Certified DISC?

DISC Methodology

You will learn how to use the DISC methodology to apply it to different fields: HR, leadership, sales, coaching, personal development, self-knowledge, among others. You will know how to identify the weaknesses and strengths of each profile as well as their communication styles and their motivator. In this way you will be able to develop for you or for them a real professional or personal development plan.

DISC Report Interpretation

You will learn how to interpret graphs, reports and profiles that the DISC platform provides through the DISC test.

Neuroscience and NLP applied to the DISC methodology.

You will be able to predict behavioral styles through the morphology of the interlocutors. You will learn which parts of the brain are predominant in people according to their behavioral style.


In this section we will detail the main contents of the program:

Module 01. Fundamentals of the Method of Colors based on DISC

– Origins of DISC

– Theoretical foundations of DISC

– Neuroscience of human behavior


Module 02. Principles of the Method of Colors based on DISC

– Measurement variables

– Study of pure style profiles

– Study of mixed profiles

– Adapted profile and natural profile

– Alignment between profiles

Module 03. Report Analysis

– How to read a DISC report

– How to analyze DISC report graphs

– How to return reports to the users

Learn more about the Method of Colors based on DISC

The DISC Methodology is a tool for the evaluation of human behavior. In William Marston’s book “Emotions of Normal People” (1928) the basis of this theory was first formulated.


By combining these four variables: variables: 


  • D (red) – How we make decisions in the face of challenges.
  • I (yellow) – How we relate to others.
  • S (green) – Calmness and our response to change.
  • C (blue) – Our degree of compliance with rules and procedures.

The combination of these 4 variables gives us the tendency of our behavior and that of the people we relate to. Thus, being able to know their preferences helps us to have better relationships and to obtain better performance in our personal and professional relationships.

For whom is this Practitioner course in the Method of Colors (DISC)?

Executives and Managers

Human Resources Professionals


Executives and Managers

Coaches and Facilitators

 What does this Practitioner course in the Method of Colors (DISC) include?

International Certification by: International Institute of Organizational Behavior.

    • eBook with the Method of Colors with more than 100 pages of content.
    • Workbook with templates for the dynamics.
    • Premium DISC self-perception report valued at US $45.

    Usual Value: US $99 

    Now, special promotion all included: US $60 

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